Hue weather

The climate in Hue differs in different regions. The weather in the Northern fronts does not match the characteristics of that of the southern tip of the country. The basic climate of the place is harsh and differs between the provinces of the city.

The topography of the place has a big role to play in the climatic varsity of the city. The city is located in central Vietnam next to Quang Tri Province to the north, Danang to the south, and Quang Nam Province ( Quang Nam Travel )to the south-west. The city is overlooked by the Truong Son mountain range on one side and the east sea touches its southern tip. The city is home to a 120 km long sea shore.

The coastal and the delta range one can experience two distinct types of season. One the dry season and the other the rainy season. The dry season (from March to August) is characterized with highest temperature of around 39 degree Celsius. The rainy season usually have a lower temperature with the mercury dipping down to 19 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature during these seasons is recorded around 8 degree Celsius. Regular heavy rain with thunderstorm and lightening are the common features. The rains may continue for a week.

The Northern part of the city is definitely cooler and remains the main attraction for the tourists.
The tourists usually choose the dry season as the rainy one makes life bit difficult in the city. Still the rainy season has its own say; one can walk a mile under the endless rains and can easily soothe his soul. Enjoy the beauty of the place during a slight drizzle as your soul soaks in the rain and your mind floats on the clouds.

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